Date: October 16, 1997
Company: Tele-Support Software
Contact: Wayland Bruns
Phone: (541) 412-0400



Tele-Support Software is now shipping CompanionLink, a one-step utility program that moves information from an existing contact manager to the REX PC Companion. CompanionLink supports ACT! versions 2.0 and 3.0, all versions of GoldMine and TeleMagic for Windows.

The REX PC Companion, from Franklin Electronic Publishers, is a palmtop organizer that can hold up to 1500 contact names, addresses and phone numbers as well as several months of appointments. The size of four stacked credit cards, the 1.4 ounce REX fits in almost any pocket, making it easy for mobile professionals to access client phone numbers and appointment schedules while on-the-road. With a retail price of only $159.95 the REX is easily affordable!

The REX PC Companion ships with software that requires ACT!, GoldMine and TeleMagic users to import contact data using a complex field mapping process. In addition, the software does not import calendar information, requiring these users to re-type calendar information into the REX Software. Tele-Support Software, with extensive contact manager experience, has created CompanionLink. This third generation program is a one-step link that does not require importing, field mapping or re-typing of any information. CompanionLink is simple, intuitive and extremely fast.

"Our ACT! users are professionals who are too busy to learn a new PIM and too busy to re-type their calendar information", states Wayland Bruns, Product Development Manager for Tele-Support Software.

With CompanionLink, users of ACT!, GoldMine and TeleMagic only need to spend a few moments selecting setup options. Once completed, they only need to press a single button to effortlessly move their current contact and calendar information to the REX unit. Transferring an average ACT! data base of 1200 records takes less than two minutes!

CompanionLink has a suggested retail price of $39.95 and is available directly from Tele-Support Software. An unlockable demonstration copy of CompanionLink can be downloaded, without charge, from Tele-Support Software’s website at The demonstration contains a FAX order form that can be used to obtain a keycode using a major credit card. With the keycode, the demonstration becomes a fully licensed program without further installation. CompanionLink is also available from Tele-Support Software’s order desk at 1-800-386-1623.