Official Gadgeteer Hands On Review: E&B Psion 50 Case
by Julie Strietelmeier
Last date revised: 03/28/99
ebpsioncase1.jpg (7846 bytes) I've always liked the cases that the E&B Company creates and the Psion 50 is no exception. The Psion 50 is a black leather zippered case that fits the Psion Series 5 palmtop perfectly. E&B makes another case called the Futura 50 that is almost identicle to the Psion 50 and can fit other palmtops that are 6.5 x 3.75 x 1.25 in or smaller.

If you don't mind putting Velcro on the bottom of your PDA, you can even use this case as a play through case. The case comes with 4 small Velcro stick on circles.

The case has a heavy duty zipper that seperates the top and bottom half of the case. The bottom half is flat and Velcro compatible so that you can use the PDA while it is attached to it. It also has a hard insert to protect your PDA.

The top half also has an hard insert for protection. There are also 4 credit card or business card slots, one money slot, a pen or stylus holder and an elastic battery holder that can hold 2 AA batteries. I did find that with 2 batteries in this holder with the Psion, closing and opening the case was a bit hard. It made the case too snug.

ebpsioncase2.jpg (11715 bytes)
ebpsioncase5.jpg (7472 bytes) The elastic battery holder also conceals a hand strap. This strap can be pulled out and used to carry the case. The only bad thing is that when you use this strap, you can't zip the case up all the way.  I personally don't care for handstraps like these and just left it concealed in the battery holder. I'd rather have a little suitcase type handle on this case. Or a handle that could be attached and removed when needed.

The Psion 50 is made very well. The leather and stitching are both premium quality. The zipper is also very good quality and is easy to use. This is a case that both looks good and works well for medium sized clam shell palmtops.

ebpsioncase3.jpg (7424 bytes) ebpsioncase4.jpg (6374 bytes)

Price: $44.95

Play through.
Card and money slots.
Made very well.

Using the handstrap doesn't allow you to completely zip up the case.


Let me know your comments on the E&B Psion 50 case, and read what others have to say.