The People Behind Their Newtons

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[Washington, DC]
I work as a systems engineer supporting NASA mission operations. I am the proud owner of a UMP2K, MP2000, and MP100. I've owned a MP120, and 130 also. I use my upgraded MP2000 daily for mostly everything, from reading Newt books, to maintaining mission operations information to keeping contact databases of musicians I play/do studio work with, as well as song composition. What I like most about the Newton (other than the coolness factor), is it's handwriting recognition, form factor, and speech capabilities

I maintain a website devoted to the Newton:
Newtonium-62: The Newton Messagepad Nanospace

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Josh Robertson
[Richmond, Virginia]
Hello, I'm Josh Robertson and I'm a Newtaholic =o) I've been addicted ever since I laid eyes on my first 120 2.0. Now I'm a Computer Science major at Virginia Commonwealth University and the proud owner of a MP 2100, MP 2000, & eMate 300 (memory upgraded). I use my eMate daily for taking notes in most of my classes at school as well as Java programming. And my MessagePad 2k and 2100 are used for when space is at a premium or when I need a faster processor and more memory (web, etc). Also I work at Busch Gardens as a Food Service supervisor in the summer and I find my MP 2k invaluable there.
I also enjoy doing webserving on my 2100 and it can be found on the tracker most Tuesdays & Thursdays during the school year between 6-11PM EST at
Sebastien (aka Cheezy)
[Marseille, France]
I work as a video editor in Marseille, and I'm the proud owner of:
- an original MessagePad
- two MP 110's
- a MP 2000
- a MP 2100 (upgraded 2000)
I use my 2k everyday, at home, at work. I take all my notes, addresses, phone numbers, plan my weeks with it. I compose and retreive my mail... any info I get goes into it. But most of all: I impress my friends with it ! It's also a web server in the evenings (find it on so that I can share stuff with newtonians all around the world.

I also collect Apple computers, but that's another story... 'nuff said ?
Michael Jones
[Louisville, Kentucky]
I currently have a Newton MessagePad 130 and an eMate 300.  Daily, I switch back and forth between the two - in the evenings, I like the MessagePad.  I can stick it in my coat pocket and go to the mall, bookstore or class and I always have access to the 10 Megs or so of data on it.  In the daytime, when I am at work as a systems analyst, I do a lot of documentation, and like the eMate's keyboard, and larger screen.

I like the Newton/Apple technologies so much that I have a web page devoted to them:
The Newton Zone -
Rafael Salcedo
[Queretaro, Mexico] 
I work at a Industrial Hygiene department in KoSa (Poliester Plant) I have a Newton OMP and Newton 120. I use my Newton 120 with a Sound Level meter to control and data log, also with Heat stress monitor. Both equipment have serial ports. I use TermLimit 1.4 by Ed Anuff package.
Blake Patterson
[Alexandria, Virginia]
I own a Newton MP2100, and lots of other PDA's. I use the Newton for e-mail / web when on the road, and use it in conjunction with a number of other PDA's, the Palm V my most recent, but I'm most well known for my Nino site at It has the best handwriting recognition out there, easily, and hence is a nice writing tool.  I also have a Newton MP100.
[no picture yet] Budi L Halim
[Jakarta, Indonesia]
I am an ERP Consultant and an owner of a MP130. I use it primarily for accessing e-mail and taking notes. It's quite heavy indeed but it's great to use.
[no picture yet] Mary Myers
[New York City]
I'm a singer and composer of twentieth century classical music.  I live in NYC, and when I use my newton on the subway, people still stop me and ask what it is!!  I had one of the very first Newtons (no number) and now I have a 130.  It's great (although it is too damn heavy.)
Jonathan Kay
[Oxford, England]
Dr Jonathan Kay is a Consultant Chemical Pathologist and Chairman of Laboratory Medicine at the Oxford Radcliffe Hospital. He owns: 1 MP100, 2 MP130, and 1 MP2000.
Paul Mackintosh
[London, England]
I'm a writer, and I use my Newton MP2000 as my main writing platform
(without a keyboard). In fact, I'm writing a novel on it at the moment.
[no picture yet] Cindy Koker
I helped found TVNUG and am about to jump into a mobile computing
solutions consulting business in the next month or so.
Dan Gray
I bought my Newton MP2K to replace my laptop.  It makes a great
conversation piece during a break while at a boring meeting!